Piano For Beginners

Learning Piano as a Beginner has Never Been Easier

By Ben Camp

A Great Step by Step Way to Learn

Starting to learn piano as a beginner can be a huge undertaking. As an adult you want to learn to play piano, but you want to learn quickly and advance to playing music and songs without going through a lot of classical training. We understand that and that is why we have created Learn Keys by Ben where you can learn piano faster and be playing and jamming with friends before you know it. The levels of learning are focused on three key signatures each going from the more easy keys to the more difficult. Each level then has songs, drills and patterns all focused on the three key signatures featured in that level.

In Level One we offer a specific set of video sessions where you will learn the essential basics to start you playing piano and being able to accompany others by playing chords and song charts. This is radically different from the regular basic beginner piano lessons. It helps you learn faster, so a beginner can start actually playing piano!

Level One has 8 sections:


Patterns and Scales


Cycle 5

Sight Reading

Song Reading

Blues Primer

Level One Library

In the Foundation section you learn the elements that will help you to understand not only what you are playing but why and the importance of these fundamentals in helping you progress.

The place you start is on learning the Names of the Notes.

This is followed by Steps and Intervals. Here you learn quickly how the notes work together to create depth and harmony.

Foundation then finishes with the Introduction to the Circle of Fifths. This is a concept that is the main architecture for Western Music. By learning how the Circle of Fifths works, you begin to have an understanding of how music works, and improvisation is done. The Circle of Fifths helps you to learn how to identify the Key that a particular piece of music is arranged to be played in. Imagine being able to sit down with friends and by just knowing what the key and chords are being played, be able to accompany them on piano and join in the fun. This will be your reality faster than you think. Our easy piano lessons teach you more than just the basics, you’ll fully learn your instrument in no time!

Once you have made your way through the Foundation section, you are ready for Patterns & Scales. These will focus on the keys of C Major and A Minor, which have no sharps or flats, F Major and D Minor, which have one flat (Bb), and G Major and E Minor, which have one sharp (F#).

Triads are next. They are the building blocks of harmony in music, and to go deeper in the study of harmony, these are essential. As with each area of study in Level One, they will focus on the keys with no accidentals (sharps or flats), one flat, and one sharp.

After you learn the Triads, we will begin to move through them in musical order known as Cycle 5, which is another name for the Circle of Fifths. This will be invaluable for you as you play your songs and see that these same patterns are used again and again in most music.

The next sections will be Sight Reading and Song Reading. It is completely okay to mix and match in this part of your learning to play. Sight Reading will teach you how to read music and then apply that learning on some simple songs.

And finally, Level One introduces you to Blues Primer. This will give you a basic 12 Bar Blues played in the key of C. Your left hand plays the rhythm and your right hand will play the accompanying blues melody. Once you have this you can play a solid blues riff and go from there to improvising and playing in a live setting.

The Level One Library is a quick way to access all of the PDF's from Level One.

After you’ve completed the Level One sessions you will have reached a new level in your piano playing. You will understand how chords are built, you will be able to play the most common chords and play songs in various styles with the help of chords. As you continue on with the next levels two through four, you will use chords more intuitively which will allow you to play almost any song you want. These are the ideal piano lessons for beginners. No other piano tutorials can get you proficient and knowledgeable so quickly.

So... if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to play piano quickly, hit the button below and start jamming today!

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