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  • Start playing right away

    It’s easy to get started

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  • Every keystroke is highlighted

    Two views to make sure you know what to play

  • Learn at your own pace

    Take your time on the sessions you want

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“For thirty years I have worked as a teacher, studio musician and a stage performer. I bring this experience into each session. With Learn Keys by Ben its like having a personal teacher at a fraction of the cost.”Ben Camp

We teach you to read music as well as play

  • Sheet Music

    Each session includes it’s own sheet music for reference

  • Proven method

    Ben’s method of teaching has been proven with all levels of skill

  • Techniques

    Discover the essential techniques to playing the piano

  • Chords to Improv

    Learn how to play along with most any song

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Why Join Learn Keys by Ben

Step-by-Step Curriculum

Learn with easy bite-sized video sessions designed to work together for any level of student.

Experienced Teacher

With over 30 years of teaching piano at all levels, Ben has a proven track record of success with students.

Your Own Pace

Sessions are designed to keep you moving forward. While there is a plan to follow, you have access to the entire site to experiment with songs and exercises as you choose.

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Get started with one of our demo sessions below. Here we offer a sample session from each of the skill levels offered on our site.

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