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Discover your love of music, and learn to play your favorite songs on the piano. Our Online lessons are great for beginners and for people who have played before. So answer your love for music and learn piano through our online piano lessons program.  Don't wait, join today!

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Lessons Anytime 24/7

You are busy, that is why we made our program to fit the way you want to learn. You want to do lessons at 2AM we got you. You want to practice twice a day, go for it. It works the way YOU want.

Special Instructional Podcasts

There are four skills levels with video sessions that take you from beginner to advanced intermediate. In each level we have added instructional podcasts that explain how the sessions work and what to expect. So you can quickly move forward in learning to play.

Learn to Play Songs!

Everyone wants to learn how to play songs. That is why we are adding songs all the time and we have tons. Our teaching method give you the choice to learn to play melodies or accompaniment. 

Learn Better | Spend Less

This is a great deal! There is no other way to say it. You get complete access to all four levels for one monthly membership of $8 a month. Four months is the cost equivalent to one week of in-person lessons. What are you waiting for!

The Best Piano Program For you

  • It's Easy and Fun
  • Made for Busy People available 24 /7
  • No Additional Hardware or Equipment Needed
  • No Extra Fees or Charges Per Song

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Learn to Play the Way You Want

This is a program that is designed to teach you how to play and read music, it is not a game or memorization tool. No matter how you want to play, in a band with friends or just for your own enjoyment, learn to play piano the way you want to, it is all here.

Start Playing Your Way

Start Today, But Read This First.

Do you want to learn to play piano, but don't know what's involved or where to start? What type of instrument do I need, does it make a difference? How much time will it take? What should I expect? That is why we have put together our Beginner's Handbook. This book helps to answer all your questions about what you need to do to be prepared to start with online piano learning.  It's Free.

Beginner's Handbook for online piano lessons for adults la

Guidance from Ben

It is good to have someone with you along your learning journey. That is why we have "Practice Tips".

These are support emails from Ben to remind you, help you, give you secrets and basically show you we here with you. We want you to succeed! We will be helping you by talking to you regularly in emails.

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You've Got Questions?

We Have Answers!

We feel it's important for students, and even those who are thinking of becoming a student, to have access to their teacher to ask questions. So we have this feature where you can ask us a question and we will send you back an answer. Go ahead try it out.

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Hi, I'm Ben Camp

My passion, is performing with friends and teaching others how to play music. This is why I started Learn Keys by Ben. What makes this site so different is...

  • It is a collaboration between a teacher and a student.
  • We are for people who want to learn fast, but right.
  • We strive to make the experience great, something that is fun, and yet a serious learning site.
  • You can ask me any question you have and I will answer you back.

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