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Hi, I'm Ben Camp

I am glad that you are thinking about learning to play the piano. This is my passion, to play with friends and to teach others how to play. That is why I started Learn Keys by Ben. What makes this site so different is that it is an actual collaboration between a teacher and a student. Learn Keys by Ben is built with the two viewpoints. One on how to have a great teaching method and two on how to make the learning experience one that is clear and complete. That is what makes us different. It is designed for adults who want to learn fast and play their favorite songs. We strive to make the experience great, something that is fun, and yet a serious learning site. And we cost less per month than you would spend for fancy lattes. Try us out!

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HD Video Lessons

People learn better when they use several senses. We use video, so you can see how it is played, hear the instructor explain how it is played and you can practice along with the video lesson to help in learning finger placement timing and syncopation.

Each session can work as a stand-alone to learn and understand a concept and they are designed to be a curriculum that works in linear succession. You get free downloadable sheet music or charts for each session when applicable and an audio clip to help speed your learning and application.

Ask Ben a Question!

We feel it's important for students, and even those who are thinking of becoming a student, to have access to their teacher to ask questions. So we are starting this new feature where you can ask us a question and we will send you back an answer. Go ahead try it out.

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Accompany or Melody

Do you want to play with friends, jamming in a garage band, or do you want to play melodies and read music? Well we give you both. Learn to play piano the way you want. Before you know it you will be showing off to friends and having some real fun!

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Practice Tips

Anyone can sign up for our weekly emails called "Practice Tips". They are short, quick and helpful. They are designed to help keep you practicing, because that is all that is standing between you and playing anything you want. Practice!

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Why Join Learn Keys by Ben

Step-by-Step Curriculum

Learn with easy bite-sized video sessions designed to work together for any level of student.

Experienced Teacher

With over 30 years of teaching piano at all levels, Ben has a proven track record of success with students.

Your Own Pace

Sessions are designed to keep you moving forward. While there is a plan to follow, you have access to the entire site to experiment with songs and exercises as you choose.