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In each level, the lessons, drills and song sessions are focused on the specific set of key signatures with each level. You become proficient through this whole senses learning process that gets you learning fast, and playing the songs you love.

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Man enjoying learning to play the piano

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"I love that I can do a lesson at 11PM. This is learning on my schedule and my terms."


"Learning to play the piano is the best choice I have made for me. Choosing Learn Keys By Ben, is the second best choice"


"I really like that they have four levels for skill training. As a beginner it really helped me to grasp the basics first.  I have really learned how to read music, play songs and now I am playing all kinds of songs"


"I started with just wanting to learn how to play piano. Now it is my new passion and I am playing in a band of friends. We are having a blast!"


"My favorite part is learning the riffs. Especially the Blues riffs. I have learned how to improvise and play accompaniment. I highly recommend Learn Keys By Ben to anyone at any level of skill. It is a great program."


" Start today, you will not regret the time you spend learning to play. The rewards are fantastic"


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