Hello, I'm Ben Camp

Ben Camp of Learn Keys by Ben
Upon graduating from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, in December of 1985, I immediately began teaching the piano to people of all ages, backgrounds, and musical tastes. Throughout the years I have developed an approach to teaching people to learn how to play piano that combines many areas of music together for a complete and enjoyable learning experience. My goal as a teacher is and has always been to help the student learn to play piano playing whatever they really want to learn. I encourage both reading & playing "by ear". I equate this to reading and speaking a language, which is what music is! Welcome and enjoy your new opportunity to learn to play piano online!
Blue Bossa and Firth of Fifth are here as my "Virtual Resumé".

I draw from many of the concepts shown in this website (and a serious dose of practice time) to perform these for you. It's a good example of the wide variety of musical styles available for study at learnkeysbyben.com. Enjoy!
This is my rendition of the intro to Firth of Fifth, written by Tony Banks of Genesis. The way he commands odd time signatures and classical technique in a Rock setting sets him apart as a truly amazing songwriter & keyboardist! Good stuff!

Me Playing at The Coach House

I play in a Steely Dan tribute band called "Kids of Charlemagne". We play several local venues and I would love to have you come and hear us play. Make sure to come by and say hi. Check our band website and facebook page and register for our email list and get updates on where we are playing next. Follow us and like our posts.


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