How This Works!

This is exciting! Welcome to Learn Keys by Ben. One thing we love here is piano players of all types, so we have made video sessions for every type of player at all levels. It is simple, there are four levels. Just find the one that best fits you and presto, you are on your way. You can learn at your own pace (fast or slow) but you are not locked in to only one level so feel free to look around and experiment in all the levels as you go, because we want you to have fun and tell others.

For the beginner – level 1

You may have never played any instrument before. This may be your first experience with learning music. Great! In this level you will start with learning the basics, like note names and scales. Then you will move on to reading music, playing songs and learning chords to be able to do some simple jamming with friends.

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For someone who has played before – level 2

Start with a quick refresher and pick-up where you left off. This will allow you to quickly get into grooves and riffs and using chord charts to play popular songs.

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For those who want to improve – level 3

You may have played for years and you don’t want private lessons, you just want to focus on specific skills. This is a great resource for you.

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For the advanced player – level 4

You read music and play proficiently or maybe you are someone who wants to improve their accompaniment and improvisational skills in a rock and jazz setting. You begin with this level.

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