A better way to learn how to play piano

This site is designed to help you learn piano online and progress quickly and easily. We have structured the site to teach you how play what you want to play. Even a first time beginner can start playing songs in their first few weeks. It's all here in one place, a source to allow you to really learn how to play piano.

Instructional Podcast Series

To help support you in your learning to play piano, we have introduced our Instructional Podcast Series.

In this series, I walk you through the sections and concepts found in the lessons in each level. These are meant to be used as a guide through each section and sessions of a level.

They are packed with visuals and illustrations to help you not only learn, but to understand why you are learning these concepts.

I'm adding new and revised podcasts all the time, so have fun and let us know how you are doing.

Four Skill Levels

This site is designed to work with people at all levels of skill. It is for the beginner who has never even touched a piano before, or you may have played as a child and have gotten a bit rusty, welcome back this is a perfect way to get back to playing. Even you play a lot and would like to have some access to sessions, songs and exercises to help you grow in skill. Everyone can find value in what this site has to offer.

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Level One

Learning in Keys C, F & G

√   Foundation

√   Patterns & Scales

√   Triads & Cycle 5

√   Sight & Song Reading

√   Blues Primer

√   Music Index


Level Two

Adding in Keys D, A & E

√   Patterns & Scales

√   Triads

√   Cycle 5

√   Sight Reading

√   Song Reading

√   Riffs & Blues


Level Three

Adding in Keys B♭, E♭ & A♭

√   Patterns & Scales

√   Triads & Cycle 5

√  Practice Grooves

√  Song Reading

√   Song Sessions

√   Blues


Level Four

Adding in Keys G♭, B & G♭/F#

√   Patterns & Scales

√   Triads & Cycle 5

√   Practice Grooves

√  Song Sessions

√  Song Reading

√  Solfege

Complete Sessions

Each session has its own page. That page includes a video lesson, A short explanation of the video and what the concept is. There is also downloadable sheet music or charts when applicable.

Also to help in timing and practice there are audio clip to listen to and accompany.

And if you run into something that you don't understand, then you can use the new ask a question feature and we will get right back to you with an answer.

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Here are four sample lessons, one from each level. You can try them out to see how this sight works.

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