How to Learn Piano by Yourself

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Learning Piano by Yourself Learning piano can be a large commitment, but most people get by with weekly lessons and learning songs they enjoy playing. If lessons aren’t reasonable for you, or you think that you learn better independently, you’ve probably looked into learning to play piano by yourself. In fact, many people who wish to learn to play piano …

Accompanying or Melodies: How do you want to play piano?

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By Dan OlsonOkay you want to learn to play piano as an adult. There are many different ways to learn piano, with different goals of learning. So, we ask you what do you want do? Do you want to learn to read music and play melodies or do you want to accompany and jam with other musicians? Or maybe it …

Online Piano Lessons

Welcome to Key Notes

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By Ben Camp & Dan Olson This is our Blog “Key Notes” for Learn Keys by Ben. Here we want to share as much about the process what we think it takes to learn how to play piano online.  So check back often to se what is new. There will be blog entries by both myself and Ben Camp. This …