Track #1 for Beginners

The first stop on your journey is to the Foundation, where you will discover the important building blocks of playing the Piano. Each group of Sessions is numbered and you should go through them in order, becoming comfortable with one before moving on to the next.

You Start Here!

1) Note Names has 3 Sessions for learning the notes. It is important to be able to name any of the notes on the keyboard, starting with Middle C, before moving on to the next step.

Then Move on to Scales

2) The Major 5 Finger Patterns, will take you through all 12 Keys on the keyboard. They progress from no black notes to 4 black notes, again make sure you go in order.

Let’s Begin Reading Music

3) As you are becoming familiar with the 5 Finger Patterns, now is a good time to open up Song Reading. The Music Index pages will help you to understand what many of the most common terms and concepts in music are, and how they relate directly to the Piano.

Now Let’s Play Some Simple Songs

4) Reading Level 1 will get you started learning to read, which is like reading a new language. I suggest printing out the PDF’s and writing in the names of the notes (in pencil), above for the Treble Clef, and below for the Bass Clef, until you are confident of the notes.

Now A Little Harder Songs

5) Song Reading are next, as playing songs is what it’s all about. Some are more for Adults and some are more for kids, but feel free to play through any of the songs you find, using the Music Index pages in Sight Reading to help with any new concepts.

Now Come Chords for Jamming

6) As you continue through the previous sections, begin to look at the Chords Section and start to become familiar with the harmonies, making sure to learn them in the order given.

The above are suggestions to get you going, but this website has been designed to be explored, as many of the sessions and areas of study are for the creative musical mind.

Have Fun!