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We are the best lessons for beginners. You will learn to play with HD video lessons and everything is included for one monthly fee.

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Start with the Basics

You will begin in learning the names of the notes and how to read them on a music staff. Then progress to scales, chords and triads. You will truly learn how to play piano.

You Set The Pace

As a beginner things can move a little slower as you are learning new concepts and definitions. So our program let's you go as fast or slow as you want. We find this the best way to learn.

Learn to Play Songs!

As you begin to learn to play piano, playing songs is very important. It is where you start to apply what you learn. We have tons of simple beginner songs,

Everything for $8 a Month

This is a great deal! There is no other way to say it. You get complete access to all four levels for one monthly membership of $8 a month. Four months is equivalent to one week of in-person lessons. What are you waiting for!

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You want to start but don't where to begin, what is involved. Well everything you need consider is in our Beginner's Handbook. Download you copy today.

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There is so much more, learn more about how this sites works, about Ben Camp and even take a test drive on a free lesson. Just click the button to take you to Learn Keys by Ben.

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Learn to play piano the way you want

Play Songs

Jam With Friends

Most people want to learn how to play piano, but not everyone wants to play the same way. If you want to learn to play your favorite songs or learn how to play accompaniment with other musicians, we are the best at this. We teach two ways to play;  melodies and accompaniment. You will be surprised with how fast you will be playing. Start today.

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