Online Piano Lessons for Everyone

Learn Keys By Ben is a great way to learn how to play the piano, regardless of your skill level. Whether you're a beginner piano player who has never touched a piano before, or you're someone who played as a child and is looking to get back into it, this is the perfect site for you. There are four different skill levels to our online piano lessons, so you can start at the right level and work your way up. Choose Learn Keys By Ben in Los Angeles if you need online piano lessons for children or adults!

Level 1 - Learning the Basics

To play even simple songs, you must know which keys to press and how to read sheet music. That's why Level 1 of the Four Skill Levels is so important. It includes understanding scales, triads, and cycle 5, as well as being able to sight and song read. This level is a great online piano lesson for adults and children who are just starting to learn the piano.

According to Time, researchers found that children who took piano lessons were better at distinguishing spoken words that sound the same yet are spelled differently. So not only will you be able to play the piano better, but your reading skills will also improve.

Learning Level one has many benefits, which is why it’s the perfect piano lesson for beginners and experts! Some of the benefits include:

  • You'll learn how to make basic chords and read music.
  • By the end of level one, you'll be able to sight read and play blues progressions.

Level 2 - Applying the Basics

To truly excel at the piano, it's essential to understand and be able to utilize a variety of patterns and scales. While some people may be content with just knowing a few triads, if you want to take your playing to the next level, it's crucial to learn cycle 5.

In addition, sight reading and song reading are essential skills for any serious musician. Finally, don't forget about riffs and blues. These are essential ingredients in any good performance.

Applying the Basics

Level 3 - Mastering the Application

The level 3 course is intended for students who have finished levels 1 and 2 and are prepared to advance their abilities. This course will include the keys of B, E, and A.

We will also focus on the following areas:

  • Patterns & scales
  • Triads & cycle 5
  • Practice grooves
  • Song reading
  • Song sessions
  • Blues

Research has found that older adults who learn to read musical notation and play the piano may improve their mood and cognitive skills. It is the best place to start if you're a grownup wanting to get back into it.

Level 4 - Becoming an Expert

In this level, we'll be adding keys G♭, B & G♭/F#. As an online piano lesson for experts, this level will challenge your brain and help you step up your game. You'll need to be able to play confidently in all 12 keys by the end of this level.

Grooves and song sessions will allow you to practice in a fun and relaxed environment. Solfege will help you to develop a deeper understanding of music theory. By the end of this level, you'll be an expert.

Unlock your potential

Unlock your potential

Online piano lessons are a great way to improve your cognitive skills, regardless of age. Learn Keys By Ben in Los Angeles is perfect for beginner to advanced students. There are four skill levels to choose from, so you can find the appropriate level for your abilities and work your way up. Our online piano lessons are perfect for beginners and experts! Sign up today and get started on your musical journey.