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There's a lot out there, but the best sites teach you how to play, not just memorize a few songs. We offer the best program to really learn to play piano.

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Begin with Fundmentals

In our program you begin with learning the foundation of concepts and principles of playing Piano. But we also include a lot of fun stuff right from the start like songs and  blues riffs.

You Set The Pace

Each session is complete and designed to teach you a concept or how to apply what you have learned. You can take your time on the hard ones and fly through the easy stuff. We have designed it to be flexible and let you set the pace.

Learn to Play Songs!

Whenever you are learning you need to apply what you learn. This is where songs come in. We have a ton of songs that are picked because

Everything for $8 a Month

This is a great deal! There is no other way to say it. You get complete access to all four levels for one monthly membership of $8 a month. Four months is equivalent to one week of in-person lessons. What are you waiting for!

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You want to start but don't where to begin, what is involved. Well everything you need consider is in our Beginner's Handbook. Download you copy today.

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There is so much more, learn more about how this sites works, about Ben Camp and even take a test drive on a free lesson. Just click the button to take you to Learn Keys by Ben.

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