Ambi-Chords Intro

This chord exercise is meant for an intermediate skill level. For best results view in full screen mode.


Ambi-chords get their name from the word ambiguous, which in this case means that they are very open and flexible sounding. When you play the 1st, 4th, 5th & octave of any Major scale, you have the notes of an Ambi-chord. The intervals are a Perfect 4th, a Major 2nd and another Perfect 4th. The lower of the 2 notes in the Major 2nd is the Key that you are in. Any bass note (9 total) that is not 1/2 step below a chord tone is available to use. Speed control is in the gear on the lower right of the screen.  Start with the video session, when comfortable move to the sheet music.

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Sheet music

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