An Important Announcement from Ben Camp!


We've Been Making Some Changes.

I wanted to share with you some exciting news. You may have noticed some changes going on with the site. I am reorganizing the sessions to follow a new and more intuitive learning process. The most significant change is that I am having you learn more about key signatures and how they work. We will be going from the fewest number of sharps and flats in level one, to the most in level four. You will notice a new group of sessions called Patterns & Scales in each level. In this group we have placed the five finger patterns and the complete set of scales for specific keys. The chords, scales, songs and drills in each level will all focus on the featured keys of that level.

In Level One we will focus on the keys of C, F and G.

In Level Two we will add the keys of D, A and E.

In Level Three we will add the keys of Bb, Eb and Ab.

And in Level Four we will add the keys of B, Db, F# & Gb.

I think you will find this a great and easy-to-follow way to learn. I am preparing some additional video / podcasts that will walk you through the site and explain the levels, how they work and how to use the site for your best outcome. I will guide you through each step in your learning, and give examples of how it will make Learn Keys by Ben work even better for you.

Keep practicing & enjoy the journey!

Ben Camp

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